TestBlacklists is a program that tests a host or network against a blacklist or set of blacklists. This allows an administrator to find problems existing on their network. I wrote this because I wanted my employer to know about IP addresses with problems before they changed essential services to potentially blacklisted IPs.

Downloading and Compiling

TestBlacklists Usage

Usage: ./TestBlacklists [-osirusoft | -o] [-rss | -r] [-spamcop | -s] [-v] [host | net/mask | hostA-hostB]
   -o | -osirusoft  - use relays.osirusoft.com
   -r | -rss        - use relays.mail-abuse.org (maps-rss)
   -s | -spamcop    - use bl.spamcop.net
   -v               - increase verbosity (once displays hosts as they're being tested, twice is overkill)
   host             - check blacklists for this host
   net/mask         - check blacklists for this network/netmask combination
   hostA-hostB      - check blacklists for hostA-hostB range (inclusive)
   host or net/mask or hostA-hostB is required, and there should be only one


./TestBlacklists -s -r
Adding check of bl.spamcop.net
Adding check of relays.mail-abuse.org - relays.mail-abuse.org -> (relays.mail-abuse.org)
Finished scanning blacklists

Note: This project is no longer actively maintained, but the code is available if you want it.

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